About the Film

An existential urban road movie about three young women who decide to travel the entirety of L.A.’s longest street.


If you live in a city, some streets loom large in your consciousness. And if it’s a big street, the name doesn’t conjure one specific place, but a major cross section of your hometown. The largest of these streets are so big they become mysterious. You know your part of the street, but what about the parts you don’t know? Following these large streets can almost seem like an act of exploration, like following a river to its source.


This is precisely the task before the protagonists of SEPULVEDA. Three young women, friends since childhood, have decided to make a road trip out of the longest street in the region. It begins on a lark, but soon the trio is forced to face some truths about themselves, their friendship and their individual futures.


At its core, SEPULVEDA is a story about young adulthood. The story is set at that crossroads where it may be time to leave behind the companions you’ve come to rely upon. The trip begins as a joke, but by the end each young woman has been tested and changed. There will be jokes, laughs, and flirtations along the way as well. This will be neither drama nor comedy in the strict sense. It will be both and neither, like life itself.


Brandon met the three leads of SEPULVEDA when they were high school students. He was their teacher. Over a three year span he watched them learn how to shoot & edit their own stories for the school’s weekly news show. He got to know each one of the students well. They were funny, smart, thoughtful, silly. Sometimes all of that in the span of sixty seconds.

After they graduated he kept in touch with them through social media and was pleased to see each one grow into young women he could be proud of. One day, Brandon mused on social media that it had been 20 years since he began making films though almost half of that time had elapsed since making his first feature. Leslie suggested he make a film with her and her former classmates. He immediately thought of SEPULVEDA, an idea that was hatched many years ago with older characters. The moment he imagined Leslie, Kristina, and Karla in that story he knew what his next feature would be.


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