New Funding Platform

Greetings friends and family and all of you who donated and or got the word out about our Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, we did not make our goal. We reached about 20% in pledges. If you pledged, no money will be coming out of your account. That’s the way Kickstarter works. It’s all or nothing. Many…

Music Supervisor On Board

Inoe Oner is now our music supervisor. In addition to providing songs for the film, he will be helping to put together the soundtrack. Inoe provided music for our first feature, “The Man Who Couldn’t” and we are excited to be working with him again. Check him out.¬†  

Sepulveda is officially in preproduction

We have a logo! At least a working one for now and Brandon is working on the Kickstarter campaign as I post this. Look for out a link coming soon. Check back as we will be posting updates and images frequently over the next few months.