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Greetings friends and family and all of you who donated and or got the word out about our Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, we did not make our goal. We reached about 20% in pledges. If you pledged, no money will be coming out of your account. That’s the way Kickstarter works. It’s all or nothing. Many people have expressed interest in helping us, but weren’t sure how the whole thing worked. Well, here is a second chance to help out.

We launched a shorter two-week campaign with Indigogo (ending July 3rd). Unlike Kickstarter, you get whatever has been pledged at the end of the campaign regardless of wether you make your goal. So we adjusted our budget (a lot) and are counting on all of the folks who pledged in the last month to simply take a few moments to pledge again to our new improved campaign. This is really a labor of love. The last film Brandon and I began developing after “The Man Who Couldn’t…” Those of you who have known us for some time know why it took 10 years to get this going again.

Perks start at $5, and telling a friend is priceless.

Click here to contribute via Indiegogo

Article by Jena English

Jena English is a teacher, creative professional and half of Geniusbastard Film Arts.

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